3D Reading

3D Reading

tumblr_nq1yiybz4k1u9vorqo1_400So, Sir introduced something new last night – 3D reading!
He explained to me that this would mean that he would read my post while I served him using the topic related to the content of my writing.  He said that I was to do this last night for him and then I would have something to post about today.

I have to say that his feedback was very positive, although I did notice that it took him a very looooong time to read my post. He commented, however, that having a live demonstration really helped to bring the writing to life and that he had felt fully engaged with it! I also noticed that we strayed into some territory not covered in my post after he had put his ipad down, but I imagine that is just Dominant’s prerogative.

He concluded that 3D reading is something he will want to do on a regular basis, so he will be adding this to our dynamic.  I had better think carefully about my subject matter from here on in I think!


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    • He is. I love that sneaky Dom thing when they turn it back on you. Re the video, I felt her action was very quick for comfortable reading really but it was what I could find. She could slow down and really treasure the experience as I feel that might suit him better ?

  1. I’m going to have to tell Daddy about this! His mind will immediately go to sex but there are so many other great applications for this as well. Keep us updated on how future sessions go!

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