two faced update

Two Faced Update

So, Sir read my post and when had finished said, “Very informative.”

I wasn’t really sure if that was good or bad, but the evening passed anyway.  After a bit he told me it was time for bed and said that he thought that he would give me five minutes of the cane.  I fluttered my eyelashes a bit and said, “Only 5 minutes, Sir?”

Anyway, I waited in the bedroom for Sir to finish his bath, as per instruction.  He came into the room and stood naked in front of me.  He took out one of his canes and said, “Roll over and lie face down please missy.”

“Would I also be allowed to suck your cock tonight please Sir?” I heard myself ask. It is funny the reaction that gets, even after all this time.  He knows that I want him and he also knows that he can have me suck him whenever he wants but there is always a flicker across his eyes which shows that he still does not take this for granted and it means something to him that I ask for him.

“You would like that, wouldn’t you missy?” he says, in total Dom mode.

“Yes Sir,” I say, as if it is not a given, even though I already saw his cock jump when I asked.

So he lays the cane down and lets me take him in my mouth. I am lost quite quickly in what I am doing and I am not really aware of very much until he speaks again.

“Is this what you need missy?” he says.  I am vaguely aware that he has picked up his cane and is using it on my clit. His voice is low and slightly strained.

I tell him that it is and then want to say more. I mumble something about being fed but I am not able to find the words. I can’t explain what it is.  I can’t think straight. I feel small. Tiny in fact. I feel like I am ceasing to exist and the world is washing over me.  I have only one thing to do and I am doing it with everything that I am. I want to be here, like this and I don’t want it to stop.

In the end it does stop. He drags me down the bed and says that he wants to taste me.  We continue like this for a period of time but I don’t know how long. Time stopped existing for me when I became lost in him and I feel sort of drugged. I have no cares at all, so time does not concern me. It is just him. He is me now and I am light and drifting, floating on the surface of him.

He stops again and says, “What do you need now missy?”

“You need to be inside me, Sir.”  My voice feels like it came from somewhere else. I feel like it  might not belong to me but it seems to have said what I would have said, although I don’t remember thinking it through.  He grabs my ankles, throws them around his neck and shoves quickly inside me.

“You said you thought this was what I needed missy.  But I asked you what it was that you needed,” he says. He is clever, my Sir.

“I need to be used and I need to be yours Sir,” I say in a sort of half-gasp, half-squeak.

“Very well,” he says in return.

And so it is. He uses me and makes me his. I know that I will feel him whenever I move tomorrow. And that will be a help.

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