a medicinal spank

A Medicinal Spank

I have suffered from migraines for a long, long time but never before known that a medicinal spank might work as therapy.  The first migraine I had was when I was at Primary School. I noticed suddenly that I couldn’t see properly and thought I was going blind; then the headache kicked in, I was sick, and I took to bed in a darkened room for a couple of days.  

Since then I have learnt to live with them and often I can tolerate the pain and even push myself to work through it.  I have been on medication which helped greatly but made me put on weight, so yes, I admit that I am shallow, and given the choice of feeling fat or suffering the headaches, I chose the heads.  Back to square one.  Well not completely, as I have discovered that if I eat and drink the right things, get enough sleep, exercise and avoid stress then it seems only to be the hormonal drops that I am fighting.

So yesterday, right on cue, the hormone head kicked in.  I felt a bit down to be honest as last month it lasted for five days and nothing touches it in terms of pain relief – well nothing sold over the counter anyway. This week we are both off work and the kids are not at home so we had agreed to have a sort of holiday at home.  This was working out pretty nicely apart from the arrival of the headache.  We have had some good kinky fun so far and are making the most of things.  

Anyway, today started off pretty quietly as a result.  HL had planned to fix the pump on the hot tub and I was going to meet my daughter to watch a film at the cinema, but as my head was so bad I couldn’t drive so had to cancel.  I felt a bit low about it but had put on a nice short dress that I had not worn yet, with hold ups and my leather boots; the clutching at straws type of theory here was that if I looked as if I felt ok, then maybe my body would catch on to that idea and I would actually be ok.

I caught up with some bits and pieces I had to do and waited for HL. At last he finished what he was doing and we sat down together with a cup of tea.  We chatted for a bit and then he patted his lap and asked me to lie across it.  He said that we had about half an hour before starting the dinner preparations and that he planned to spank me for that time.  He unzipped my boots and removed them, lifted up my dress, and said that he would be taking some pictures of my bum as it pinked up. 

So, quite unexpectedly, I received a lovely afternoon spanking. He conceded and gave me a little over the time as he said that I had taken it very well, so that was another real bonus. When he had finished I thanked him and crawled into his arms and we hugged for a long time.  Afterwards we looked at the pictures and laughed at a slowmo video he had made. I felt so much better after that I have begun to swear by the medicinal properties of spanking.

I find spanking like this so relaxing.  I can feel myself slowly melt into it and become one with the pain.  I have found before that this really helps the tension that I feel when I have a migraine and I was hopeful that it might help me this time. I have to really think about my breathing and try to stick with the relaxed afterglow that I feel otherwise it will be a sort of temporary fix and swoop back in as soon as it is done.  

I felt positive though and so I told Sir that I thought my headache might have nearly gone.  “Well if that’s the case then with what I have planned for you later, you will be cured altogether,” was his quick reply! So it looks like the day is looking up.  My migraine is currently a dull back drop and I have the promise of a main course to follow my starter.  I love the holidays.

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  1. Missy takes a trip to the local chemists. I need something for a migraine. Do you have spanking in a bottle?
    I worry about you. I hope this week goes well and the migraine stays away for good. Where do all the kids go?

  2. I used to be bothered by hormonal migraines often. I discovered that if I could catch it in the beginning, an orgasm would usually alleviate it. Friends look at me dubiously when I suggest the same for their headaches but often afterward they tell me or helped them also. I can understand how a spanking might help too.

  3. I find it helps my migraines and also body aches from tension (sore neck, shoulders etc.) but I also suffer from raynaud’s phenomenon and I find that a good spanking seems to lessen if not stop those symptoms too!
    Anyway, I’m glad they work for you also! and I hope you have a great time … 🙂

  4. Asked for a spanking yesterday to help with some bad hip/knee pain, which led to a discussion about chosen pain being different than involuntary pain. It helped immensely.

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