Spanking Orgasms

Story of the O – #5 Spanking (impact) Orgasms

I have already posted a couple of times about spanking and the role it has in our dynamic (Spanking Uncovered and Oh That Sweet Sweet Spot).  In the second of these posts I have referred to the sweet spot and the fact that the repeated attention to that area can get me to the point where I come from just the impact. Essentially these are spanking orgasms. This would be true whether we used the crop or the cane or the paddle too, but Sir’s hand has a special appeal for me due to the physical contact I get from him.  My favourite of all is to be over his knee.  To be honest the thought of being over his knee wearing a short skirt which will be lifted up and knickers which will eventually be pulled aside and then discarded altogether, is even better.

Having said that, an orgasm from impact alone is not a frequent occurrence for me. In fact, I was pretty shocked when it first happened. We have had to curtail our impact play because with 7 teens in and out of the house, there are often eyes and ears everywhere.  We grab the opportunities when we can and that is how it will have to remain until either they all leave home, or Sir soundproofs our bedroom!  Anyway, because of this it means that we are not always able to build on the things that we try.  Sometimes there will be lots of one thing and sometimes there will be more of another and this is dependent more on the noise factor than on what Sir would actually like to arrange for us.

When we discovered the cane, which initially frightened me but I have now grown to love, that was a real bonus as it is quiet enough to use even with the family at home.  As long as I can keep quiet of course which is not always easy.  This meant that we were able to build things up a bit which really helped.  My tolerance grew but also my association between the pleasure and the pain and so I think that a bit of muscle memory kicked in and I got to the point where Sir’s touch on my bum seemed to trigger a reaction within me.  The first time it happened, I think that some of it was also to do with the psychological; I was very turned on and Sir had built me up to it, leaving me thinking about it and craving it all day.

He started very slowly, at first with lots of rubbing as he prepared my skin and then built things up a bit. He always does this before an erotic spanking by stroking, rubbing, pinching and some light slapping. Once he is happy that I am comfortable, relaxed and my skin is warm, he will start with the impact, increasing the intensity as he goes on. Each time he hit me, the feeling seemed to move through me, reaching my clit and making me more and more excited. The vibrations seemed to increase and I felt super sensitive to his touch.  I became really warm, not just my bum but the whole of me felt as if it was on fire and that seemed to keep growing the longer he continued.  It was as if each slap, painful to begin with, then dissipated, moving inwards and changing into intense pleasure.  In the end I realised that I was about to come.

Like I say, this has only happened to me a few times as usually spanking or impact is combined with other types of touch so it wouldn’t be from just that.  I am not even sure that technically such a thing as a spanking or impact orgasm does exist as it may still be a clitoral orgasm but just without actually stimulating the clit itself.  Or maybe it is more of a psychological orgasm as it was to do with way that my mind processed the pain and associated it with pleasure.  Whatever it was, it felt good.  It felt like a clitoral orgasm does but where that seems to move from the inside out, this seemed to work the other way around so the feeling started on the outside of my body and worked its way in, intensifying, so waves went from the surface into the centre rather than the pleasure moving outwards.

I would be interested to know what others think.  I am aware that there are many people for whom spanking is part of their everyday lives so I am just an amateur in comparison to that!  I know that I have spoken with other subs who have come from impact play such as flogging or caning without any extra stimulation, and the cane used on my nipples or the flogger on my clit can also have this effect. Really, my own personal thoughts are that if it feels good then you should do it and that there is no point over thinking things.  Whether it is technically a ‘thing’ or not is really neither here not there.  I love impact play, I get off on it and so does my Sir so that is what really matters to us.


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  1. As a new participant in D/s and bdsm, I was surprised at how easily spanking can circumvent ‘traditional’ foreplay to -uhm- get me excited. Other than the occasional slaps and smacks upon my request with previous partners, I had never had a proper session, so my body’s response was so unexpected! But I’ve never had an orgasm from a spanking (although I do super enjoy it).

    • I was the same dolci. We had only messed around a bit before but we have found that it has grown to be quite an important part of what we do now. We used it therapeutically as well as erotically which was something new.

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