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Story of the O – #4 Anal Orgasms

An anal orgasm was not something I was really prepared for and it came as a bit of a surprise. A pretty amazing surprise but a surprise nonetheless. We had been engaging in anal play for a while when it first happened. I think I said before that I had a bit of a love hate relationship with anal to begin with. I wanted it but didn’t. I loved it but was afraid of it. It hurt in a good way but also in a not so good way sometimes. So it took us a while to really get what we both wanted out of it in a consistent way. Prior to that it was a bit unpredictable – a hit or a miss. But the hits must have outweighed the misses because we kept going with it and we got better at it.  I think that a big part of this was communication. We had always dabbled with kink but until we had the structure of the D/s the communication about play wasn’t really there. This helped us hugely and let us take some real leaps forward into exploring our desires.

So the first time it happened I had been well spanked as part of my warm up. I was very relaxed and we had got over all of our earlier hurdles. Anal play was something we were both now completely comfortable with and it was to be the planned climax of our scene that night. Sometimes there will be a very slow build up to it but following a spanking session this is not so much required. The attention to my bum seems to focus me and mean that all the tension is gone. I am also in a very submissive state. So on this particular occasion, Sir was able to move straight to using a glass dildo he bought which is a corkscrew shape. The glass feels amazing and the weight of it is good. It is smooth and cold and and is one of my favourite toys.

I had been craving it for a bit and when it came it was as good as I’d hoped. I was already in a heightened state and after only the first couple of turns, I just felt overwhelmed. I was overtaken by the feeling of being slowly opened up at the same time as feeling a fire deep within me. Things just seemed to build instantly and I knew suddenly that I had to let go and give in to it. As I struggled for the ability to express to Sir what was going to happen, the world exploded inside me. It felt similar to a clitoral orgasm, especially when the build up to it has been long, but more intense and it seemed to come from much deeper within me. I struggled to make sense of what had happened for a while and felt a bit spaced out. I had the sense of loss of control of my body and I felt weak and shaky afterwards.

It was an amazing feeling and one which compares to a clitoral orgasm whereas, for me, the vaginal and squirting orgasms are a different sort of feeling. I don’t get an anal orgasm every time. This is partly because we will often use other sorts of stimulation while playing so it is not in isolation. It is also down to the fact that I think I need to be in the right headspace to really access that part of me. From experience, this is something that has become easier the more we have done things so I think that it might change over time and become something that is easier to control. Or at least easier for Sir to control.   As usual, I am sure that he will read the signs from me and be able to determine what is going to work best, then he will tell me that he is going to make it happen and he will.  I think that is what excites me most – I never really know where any of this will go next.

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