saturday morning

Saturday Morning – sans kids

So after breakfast on Saturday morning, it transpired we had no kids around. Sir told me to go and stand at the foot of the stairs.  He then told me to remove my clothes and to stand facing him.  He was still in the kitchen.  He said that he wanted me to know the effect that he had on me and proceeded to show me, in physical terms, how turned on he was by the sight of me.  He then told me to sit on the third stair, which I did.

Sir then came into the hall and looked at me.  He told me to lean my elbows on the step behind me and tip my head back.  I did this and while he was telling me how pleased he was, I heard the click of his camera.  He then instructed me to move my hands onto my legs and pull them apart so that he could see me.  I still had my head tilted back so I couldn’t see him but I heard the camera again as he took more pictures.  He commented on them and told me to stand up and come off the stair, at which point he came over to me and held me closely.  He told me not to worry about my clothes as he would bring them up but I was to go and get in the shower.

As I turned to climb the stairs he slapped my bum and told my to move faster.  I skipped off up the stairs and as I was going shouted back cheekily that I supposed I was lucky he hadn’t made me crawl up.  Eeek.  He called that I should come back down.  I said that I thought that was unfair as I had carried out his instruction.  He said he knew that but that he also knew that I would come back down as he had asked.  I did as I was told. Obviously.

There then commenced my first official crawl up our stairs.  I felt very exposed but I actually quite liked it.  There is always a bit of a thrill in not being able to see his actions or reactions as well, although I was aware of him following me up the stairs.  He insisted that I move slowly as he took in the view.  He told me to stop on the top landing and move my legs apart.  Suddenly he pushed himself into me and there we discovered a great new position.  I think that I am going to enjoy these weekends when we have no children around!


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