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Story of the O – #3 Squirting Orgasms

I first learnt about squirting orgasms when I met Sir, but that was before he was Sir and he was just my boyfriend.  (If you can have a ‘boyfriend’ when you are in your late 30s that is.)  Maybe I was a bit too old to be learning new tricks, but as I told you in one of my early posts, Being Kinky, that although I had always been kinky, I was also a bit naive and didn’t really know what was what. So when Sir mentioned that he had read about something new that he wanted us to try, it sounded pretty interesting.  After he explained about squirting orgasms and told me that it was when a female ejaculated when she came, I did remember an episode of ‘Sex in the City’ where Samantha had gone down on a woman who had done that.  It wasn’t really something that I had found a turn on though so I had not really thought much more about it.  Until then of course.

I asked a lot of questions ( I was his ‘girlfriend’ not his submissive then so it was ok to question and analyse and tell him that it sounded weird and not something I was sure that I wanted to do, even in the heat of the moment).  However, not one to give up easily, he read a bit more and then showed me a short film someone had made about how to do it.  I have to say that the guy on it did seem a little weird and a lot obsessed.  He seemed to have made it into a way bigger deal than my experience since then has shown was necessary, but hey, each to his own.  He put his partner through a very painful and lengthy massage and seemed convinced by the theory that women with two dimples above their bottom, in the small of their back, one at each side, were the ones who would be able to squirt.  We checked and I had the indentations he said that I required!

Sir has always been persistent and, minus the hideously painful massage designed to relax the subject, he did make me squirt, although it took us a few attempts.  He did this by repeatedly massaging the gland next to my g-spot and using some pretty intense and full on motions.  We had a toy called a ‘rock chic’ which was designed for g-spot stimulation and this was effective in producing the desired response too.  The feeling was unlike anything I had ever felt before.  It was almost painful in its intensity and involved an overwhelming sense of needing to let everything go.  For me, personally, it was not as good as a clitoral orgasm but I do think that it was a novelty initially and something that was different.  To be honest, I think that Sir enjoyed it more than I did which was probably because of his, then unrecognised, latent desire to take control from me.

As with everything, our dynamic has changed the way that the squirting orgasms happen.  They are not always from such aggressive stimulation now and can come from the fact that I am completely relaxed and very sensitive and responsive to him.  I have found that if I try too hard to make them happen then I end up concentrating on it too much and they evade me a bit.  For me, now, it will often come as a surprise and the first I know will be the splash as it hits me, but Sir will always know it is coming.  I think that this is due to the relationship we have, as by that point in our play I have submitted my will and control completely so I am not in tune with my body in the way that he is.  I am responding rather than reading whereas before D/s I wouldn’t have been doing that.  Then it was my choice and now it is not.

Whichever way around, I like it because he likes it and rather than feeling a bit disgusted and thinking about the mess, I feel that I have pleased him and given him something that he wanted.  As with everything in this relationship now, my responses are shaped by Sir. The more I give to him, the more he is able to take from me. I know that many may disagree, but in my opinion, squirting orgasms are the stuff of porn rather than being the holy grail and while I am glad that I have experienced them, as with everything, it is the connection that the intimacy that the situation brings to you that really matters, rather than the outcome.


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    • Yes I think there is still a level of debate as to what it’s all about. I am quite interested to know what others think as the jury is out for me really. Grapefruit? As in an acquired taste or a slightly sharp squirt in your eye as your spoon goes in?

  1. I’ve never had a squirting orgasm, they sound interesting but just because it’s something different and it’s another way my Sir could take/have control. This video seems like a good tutorial – – at the very least it was interesting to watch and the woman was very happy with the outcome.
    “it is the connection that the intimacy that the situation brings to you that really matters, rather than the outcome” For me this is profoundly true. My orgasms are anticlimactic, arousal is great but when the O hits pleasure stops and it’s nothing more than vaginal muscle contractions. I used to feel so let down. But then I gave my orgasms to my Sir because he is the one who enjoys them. I take pleasure in his pleasure. I greatly enjoy his Os for that reason. I am much happier focusing on our intimate connection and not worrying about the outcome.

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