Without Words

sin5The room was dark and had the faint smell of almond oil.
She was naked.
She knelt as he had instructed.  She started slightly as the music filled the room.
She waited patiently and tried to focus.  Her legs began to ache. They became hot and began almost to burn, then they fizzed for a while and seemed to disappear altogether.  Her mind crept inside itself and her senses shifted.  Time hung still around her and the world became defined in different terms, slowly reducing until it was only the thought of him and the reality of this moment in this room.
She felt him before she heard him.
She hoped that he would speak, but he didn’t.  That said something in itself and her skin pricked at how this would play out.  He moved closer and she caught his cologne, forcing an internal response.  Her body was a slave to him and she didn’t try to fight that.  His movements precise as ever, he teased the outline of her body with his breath. He stopped a while at her ear, and again she strained to hear him speak, but nothing.  He would not talk to her using his voice; the words would be written on her body and she knew she would hear him soon.
She felt him move around to stand in front of her.  She ached for his touch. Her head was low and her eyes were cast down so she still did not see him.  He kissed her head and slipped the mask over her eyes.  She stood as his hand tugged hers upwards and she followed as he slowly and carefully led her across the room.  The fear bubbled on the surface of the warmth inside her as the dichotomy of feelings began.  This was always hard to explain – the contradictions that played and fought with each other, dissolving into something which had no word to define it.
He turned her to face him and pushed her legs apart with his foot.  He worked quickly then, attaching her ankles to the sides and her wrists above her.  She strained against herself, the tension pulling her apart until she felt his hands cup her face, and as if he had spoken the words, she remembered to breathe.  She was grateful that he had allowed her that one piece of kindness but she knew that he wouldn’t expect to have to help her again.  Her body re-adjusted itself to embrace the stretch and she let herself relax.  Her eyes closed under the mask and she slowed her breathing and deepened it further.  Again, the conflicting feeling of being completely calm while her heartbeat shook itself through her, banging out its rhythm.
Suddenly she heard it.
It hissed as it cut the air and finally lit her skin.  Her body shattered and then drew back in to itself as she absorbed the sensation and it turned from the external heat to a fire within her.  His words came then, again and again and again.  He loved her.  She was his.

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