Wisely and Slow

Patience is a virtue; not one that I would ever have attributed to myself readily, however. And yet, I can wait sometimes.  And I do believe that I have learnt better patience through my submission. When we first began this lifestyle I wanted to run with it all. But to run fast will lead to stumbles that might have been prevented and I suppose I have learnt that the hard way. These days I am more content to wait for the good things. Sometimes we are rushing excitedly into the passion that we create around ourselves, caught up in the whirl wind of our desire. But others we can be moving slowly, enjoying the safety and love that cushions us. That is a really amazing thing and by taking our time, we have become wiser and more knowledgeable, about ourselves, about each other, and about us.

So much of relationships are about the foundations you build. If the roots of the plant are not watered then it will not grow.  Growth is slow and sometimes we want to see it sped up so that we can appreciate the miracle that it is. But really the joy is in the nurture that goes with it. That is where the reward comes from. So as I look back now at where I have come from and how I have grown, I can see that taking things slowly has allowed for a richer, fuller , more stable dynamic. I also see that my ability to be patient has developed and that I have grown in that area. Now I would still not describe myself as patient, but it is something that I continue to work on.

“Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast.”  In other words, watch where you are going or you will fall flat on your face.  That, I think, is key.  Watch where you are going, take your time and don’t rush on ahead without making sure that your dynamic is solid.  That rush to try all of the kink, put in place lots of rules and jump straight in is compelling, but I learnt that it is vital to look not just where you are going, but also where you want to be. Having done that, you can look at what you need to do to get there and slowly work at taking those steps together.

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