Kneeling and submission

Kneeling and submission

At the beginning of our D/s Sir set me a task to work on kneeling and practising breathing and meditation. I was also to train to become proficient in 9 positions of submission so that they became a natural and key part of our power exchange.

We have used these positions often at the start of play, and during it, which has helped me to find the correct mindset and switch from the tasks I may have been absorbed with earlier.  I have also grown in confidence as initially I felt very exposed and uncomfortable in some of the positions and as time has gone by I have become much more relaxed.

I discovered that I loved kneeling for him. It has become a time to reflect, to gather my focus and to prepare to offer and give myself to him. It helps me to feel calm, powerful and hopeful. It can reset me and help me to surrender my will.

When I kneel for him I want him to feel confident in his domination and control over me. I want him to feel empowered and strong and be reassured that he is respected and that my submission is given willingly.

I also realise that there is value to me as a submissive in taking some additional time to kneel and reflect on my submission.  This is something that I don’t do enough but am going to try to commit to do more over the next few weeks and see what comes from it.

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  1. I tried kneeling in front of him once. He looked at me like I was strange and asked what I was doing. I felt silly and got up. Haven’t done it again but so want! I don’t thing he’s ready for that yet. It’s only been 3 weeks (barely) so I’m waiting and hoping there will be come a time when he asks me to kneel before him.

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