the magic

The Magic

I am standing in the room, waiting as instructed. My body is straight with a slight curve in the small of my back which forces my bum and my chest out. My eyes are down and my legs are apart. My hands are behind my back and I am open to you. You enter the room and cross it. I feel your eyes on me and the warmth of your presence. You take my chin in your hand and force my head up so that my eyes meet yours. The magic takes hold.

“Well done, missy, you are learning what I want.”
Your voice is that voice and I respond immediately inside. It is slow and deep: It promises safety and excitement; pleasure and pain; physical and emotional awakening. I want nothing more than to be like this, existing for you as you claim what is yours and bring us both together completely.

With your other hand you lightly trace the line of my back, forcing me to curve in towards you even more. You maintain eye contact and kiss me, forceably and passionately, possessing my mouth. I can feel my self dampen and the cool air touches me as the electricity runs through me. I am yours.
“You are mine, and before we start I want to inspect you properly.”

You step back and look at me and as I feel your eyes on my skin, it heats. My nipples harden and I long for your touch again. You move behind me and I feel your breath on my neck.
“Bend over for me and hold your ankles so I can see you better please.”
I comply immediately and am alive with the thought of where this is going.
“I think you know where this is going, missy. I can feel your anticipation.”

Your fingers dance gently on my skin and then you pull me further apart. I am aching with need for you now and my stretched openings long for something more.

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