My Life as a Submissive Wife: living as a married submissive

Married Submissive Journal

Posts detailing the highs and lows of loving and living as a married submissive in a full time Dominant submissive relationship.

Play, Scenes and Kink

Find out more about our play, scenes and the kinky things we get up to as we explore facets of BDSM and out deep and dark desires

My Submissive Musings

My submissive musings posts contain random thoughts, ponderings and inspiration on all things Dominance and submission.

Married Submissive: The love, the kink and the connection

Welcome to submissy. This site is about me, my journey into submission and my life as a married submissive.

A wife, a mother and a teacher, I became missy when I entered into a full time D/s dynamic with my husband. I started blogging in order to share my experience and to learn from, and support, others.

Submissy is a collection of writing based on my own experience and reflection as a married submissive, but I hope that you will also find it informative and helpful.

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